USA blows the money vs Brazil in Confederations Cup Final

I havent blogged in months and I do apologize, I will be updating this blog MUCH more frequently from now on!!

So I finally decide to watch a soccer game that wasnt in the World Cup (even my girl said WTF are you watching??), the Confederation Cup Final pitting the good ole USA vs juggernaut Brazil. Now Im not hardly a soccer expert but if its a championship game, I can get into it, so early on, the US jump out to a 2-0 lead playing GREAT soccer and go into halftime with a 2-0 lead. Im thinking now “They are going to just hunker down and play great defense and actually WIN this thing”, boy was I wrong. Brazil just played SO well in the 2nd half, it was like Men amongst Boys. Our goalie Tim Howard could only do so much, it SHOULD have been at least 5-2….Im pissed off because I wasted 2 hours of a Sunday Afternoon watching this. Thats cool tho, because Gilbert Arenas should be making a guest apperance down Barry Farms @ the Goodman League tonite so that should be pretty damn cool.