The Redskins and the “Mean Ol’ Parent”

Honestly, as a Skins fan thats a realist more than anything, having 5 wins with this inept roster, I would have been happy with “progress” in “changing the culture” (Key word…..remember them).  BUT after this Donovan McNabb debacle (and thats exactly what is is as of Friday December 17th, 2010), this season has been a failure at epic levels because of one major thing, the lack of genuine respect given, not to just McNabb, but because of the constant flakiness towards a bevy of situations.  People may not agree with me here but Mike Shanahan has treated this team and its fan base on a smaller scale, like a mean parent.  The type of parent that says “Its my way or the highway” with no room for flexibility.  Maybe in the grander scheme that its a good thing, and we will eventually find out but for TODAY, its become a sad, sad commentary of 2 decades of foolery us fans have had to endure and maybe thats what he doesnt realize.

As a parent of a 2 1/2 year old female bundle of joy, I have had my missteps. Ive had to apologize to her for  admonishing her without hearing the whole story. That happens…..which goes back to why I think this is such a debacle, there is nothing WRONG with admitting fault Mr Shanahan!  If you messed up and gave up a 2nd round pick for a Qb that doesnt work for you, FINE….just admit it.  Just admit YOU’VE been apart of the problem because if we eventually turn this mess around, your damn sure going to take praise for being apart of the solution.

Any normal person with a brain realizes McNabb hasnt been great this season, hell this has been his worst season in his career.  But the open disrespect shown to him by the staff could have been handled so much better PUBLICLY.  If you wanted to bench him, just do it, say it and move on.  Shanahan has done a poor job dealing with this team in all fronts.  The Devin Thomas debacle (even though he sucks, just cut the man instead of going through the unnecessary crap), the implementation of this 3-4 defense with NO flexibility to TRY to get something out of your best talent (Albert Haynesworth), and lastly, the Albert Haynesworth saga.  I was one of the people to not totally bash Albert for this and I’m sure because of whats transpired these last couple of days have people looking back on the Haynesworth Saga a tad bit differently.  Again, the Mean Ol Parent comes to the light “You cross me, you’ll never win my love back, EVER!!”

Out of the 13 games played, the RB position started a player who wasn’t even ON an NFL roster last season 8 times, the starting WR on the opposite side of Santana Moss had a combined 7 catches last season (Joey Galloway with a whopping 7, Anthony Armstrong with 0).  How in the HELL do you expect supreme greatness with such a whopping lack of talent?!?! They say there is now “accountability” in Ashburn for these players on this roster and some of these moves have shown that to be the case, but where is the accountability of these coaches?  The 1st step in recovery is admitting a problem….. Shana-rat!


Redskins lose to Rams…and all hell breaks loose LOL

Well, If you follow me on Twitter or even know me personally, I stated this game as the game to give you a true litmus test of if the “culture” has indeed changed at Redskins Park.  See, for some reason Redskin Fans don’t want to believe that their franchise are indeed one of the worst franchises in football (I mean, its a reason we had to pay Mike Shanahan all that money to OVERHAUL the team and its apathetic  nature from the front office to the field) so I really REALLY hate when I hear quotes like “We are the better team, we should have won!’, “How could we lose to them?!?!”….uhh hello? we arent any better than them….why do u think these team KEEP beating us? Why do you think #1 Draft Pick rookies like Sam Bradford and Matthew Stafford last season, look like just that vs us?  When you have an answer, please tell the other fans…because I know.

But its not time to overreact, I mean only people that are overreacting are people who actually thought that this team which is bringing in ANOTHER offensive system AND a brand new scheme on defense which we don’t have nearly the type of players to run that system effectively. This team is gonna do what those type of teams normally do, play well in spurts and not so much in others.  When you continue to beat yourself with stupid penalties, poor tackling and various little things…you will lose games plain and simple.

Now having Donovan McNabb will keep us in games and help us beat the curve a little, but one man just doesn’t win football games.  Anytime Stephon Heyer has to see playing time, your at an automatic disadvantage…..likewise when you have to play Andre Carter at LB. He is playing his last season in Washington and if you have watched the 1st 3 games, you can see why.  How many plays has Mr Carter made this season? Exactly.  Phillip Daniels made more plays in one drive vs the Rams than he has the whole season and Phillip isnt known for being the type of player that makes impact plays.

The Pass Defense is basically playing with 3 players since Laron Landry is a glorified LB so that means that the opponents are picking them apart. D’Angelo Hall….take a cue from The Rock and “Know Your Role…..”  Again, I’m typing this no more than an hour after the game so Im typing from the emotional state of another dagger loss, but I also know that this is a MARATHON not a SPRINT.  You would think this team was a Super Bowl Contender from Day 1 the way some people are speaking, simmer down, take the loss, regroup and GET FUCKIN FOCUSED!

2010 NFL Preview

  Last season, Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints hoisted the Vince Lombardi Trophy as Super Bowl Champions defeating Mr Perfect Peyton Manning and the Indy Colts in what most people would call an upset, this year, these same two franchises are stacked, locked and loaded for another run to glory. Will they reach their respective goals by reaching the Big Game in Dallas Texas in February, stay tuned….

  The last time 2 teams met in the Super Bowl in consecutive seasons was 17 years ago when the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills met in Superbowl XXVIII in Atlanta so don’t necessarily expect these two teams to meet again this season. I will give my personal thoughts on each division, its winners, its “losers” whether its a player or a team, a conference sleeper team and try to predict the combatants in this years Super Bowl.

1st up….the good NFC.

  In the East, as a Redskins fan, I am VERY happy with most of the moves that we have made in the off-season. New coach in Mike Shanahan brings instant respectability as does trading for Pro Bowl QB Donovan McNabb who instantly becomes the best QB we’ve had since Joe Theismann (which is very very sad by the way…but the truth.) Now I would LOVE to say “MY SKINS ARE GOIN TO THE PLAYOFFS” woo woo woo but I’m a realist, this roster is still severely flawed BUT having a proven leader in McNabb can win us a couple of games that we would have normally lost with our former regime (Sorry Jason Campbell, it is what it is). I do expect improvement though, a 8-8, 9-7 season would be great for building the foundation of a relevant franchise for years to come especially after a murderous opening half of the schedule.

  I hate to type this, but the Dallas Cowboys are the most talented team in the division, conference and possibly the whole NFL. They have drafted VERY very well and are possibly the only team Ive ever seen that has 2 UNDRAFTED Pro Bowl Skill Position players in Tony Romo and Miles Austin. That alone shows you that Jerry Jones does not care about your name, he just plays the best player period regardless of your stature, something my Redskins can learn from. I expect them to win the division but its not gonna be the cakewalk people think. OLine issues and genuine complacency could unravel this team but I still expect them to win the division.

  In the NFC North, The Brett Favre Saga again led the airwaves and press coverage but there is another QB in this division that will take the proverbial leap to super-stardom and that QB my friend is Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. His ascension to an Elite level and young play-makers on both sides of the ball in Jermichael Finley, Clay Matthews, AJ Hawk and Greg Jennings make them my choice as the divisional winner. The Vikings will miss Sidney Rice big time and those 1st few games he misses early in the season will be the difference in the Vikings winning the division and the Vikings possibly not making the playoffs. The Bears are trusting Jay Cutler….nuff said and although the Lions are a few years away from competing, the future is bright with Matthew Stafford, 1st rd picks Jahvid Best and Ndamukong Suh who was an absolute monster at Nebraska last season.

  New Orleans is the clear cut favorite by most experts in the South and I tend to agree. With Super Bowl MVP QB Drew Brees leading the way, the offense should be just as explosive as they have been the past 3 or so years when healthy. Former Redskins Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams’ blitzing style has fit their roster almost seamlessly because their proficiency for  game changing plays. Missing veteran FS Darren Sharper for the 1st 6 games of the season will be a dagger but with Carolina and Tampa Bay in rebuilding mode, its a two team race with the Atlanta Falcons. Matt Ryan is back and that will only help an offense that was stunted last year by injuries. I expect Ryan, Michael Turner, Tony Gonzales and Roddy White to have outstanding seasons but just not enough to unseat the Saints.

  With Kurt Warner retires, Anquan Bolden in Baltimore and Matt Leinhart basically kicked out of town for DEREK ANDERSON(?!?!), this division is up for grabs. If San Francisco can find ANY sort of consistent quarterback play from former 1st overall pick Alex Smith (remember Niners fan….you had the choice of Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers….a dagger to say the least) or whoever they want to put behind center, this team has the tools to win the NFL’s weakest division. Any time you have a back like Frank Gore to carry the load and a leader on defense like Patrick Willis, things will always look up. Im very interested to see how the St Louis Rams look on the offensive side of the ball only because I think Sam Bradford can become an Elite QB when he gains the experience. He can make all of the throws and he looked very poised and polished in preseason (I know, I know…its just preseason). He’s gonna take his lumps no doubt, lets hope he can stay healthy, which was obviously a problem of his in college. Arizona and Seattle seem to have taken a couple of steps back so I’m not expecting too much from them this season.

NFC Playoff Order

1. Green Bay
2. Dallas
3. New Orleans
4. San Francisco
5. Minnesota (Wild Card)
6. Atlanta (Wild Card)


  Let the world tell it, the Jets have already been crowned 2011 Superbowl Champions. Hard Knocks, countless interviews, Revis Island….its become WAY too much for such a flawed offensive team. Now don’t get it twisted, they could EASILY get there, but as good as the Jets defense is, they are basically leaving their below average offense in the hands of 2 2nd year players in QB Matt Sanchez, who has looked absolutely pedestrian in preseason and Shonn Greene taking the place of veteran RB Thomas Jones. Replacing Jones (I guess) is future Hall of Famer Ladanian Tomlinson, who looks like he may have taken a Rejuvenation Pill in preseason, lets see if this lasts. My choice for the divisional winner is the New England Patriots. Tom Brady is back, Randy Moss is back, and if Wes Welker is back to at least 80% of his normal production, who can stop them? Yes they have questions on defense but Brady is Brady and until they are dethroned from the AFC East Throne, Im picking them….you don’t like it? TOUGH LOL! Don’t forget about Miami with Chad Henne having a full offseason under his belt as the #1 QB and new acquisition Brandon Marshall hopefully making it easier for that solid running game to get going like it can.

  I sure hope Terrell Owens doesn’t ruin the Bengals because they were my pick to win the AFC North again but you never know what your going to get with this guy. I love the Bengals defense especially with Rey Malaluga returning from injury and arguable the top CB tandem in the game with Leon Hall and Johnathan Joseph. The Ravens have boosted their recieving core 10 fold by acquiring Anquan Bolden from Arizona and then picking up TJ Houshmandzadah via the waiver wire, giving 3rd year QB Joe Flacco the best weapons he’s had in his life. Im a little skeptical of their pass defense but I wouldnt be surprised at all if they win the division, thats why Im picking them to do just that. Pittsburgh must wait 4 weeks for Ben Rothlisburger to return from suspension and hope that one of the young receivers can eventually replace former Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes who was traded to the NY Jets. Cleveland starts Jake Delhomme………………

  One of these years, the Houston Texans are going to make the leap and FINALLY make the playoffs. I think this is the year to accomplish that. The Colts are the clear-cut favorites to win the division as they should be, Peyton Manning is the greatest REGULAR SEASON QB in NFL History, they are going to do what they always do, win the games they are supposed to win. But, Pro Bowl QB Matt Schaub has the best WR in football on his side in Andre Johnson, the return of TE Owen Daniels and hopefully an improved running game, they can shock alot of people and win 10 games and sneak in the playoffs as a wild card. Tennessee has the most explosive back in the game in Chris Johnson and somehow, someway Vince Young wins ballgames, Im not sold on their defense, especially after losing Kyle VandenBosch to Detroit. Jacksonville will blow this team up next season, meaning everybody will be fired, including coach Jack Del Rio and QB David Garrard….Sorry George(inside joke).

  I never thought I would say this, but Jason Campbell may be the reason his team makes the playoffs LOL….I know wild right? The AFC West is San Diego’s division to lose but look out for the Raiders. If Jason can not make the crucial turnovers and just complete passes, the Raiders defense is good enough to keep them in alot of games. My favorite player in the whole draft was Rolando McClain from Alabama. I believe he has the shot to make a Patrick Willis-type impact for that defense so that shows you how highly I think of him. Denver has unheralded QB Kyle Orton looking behind his back for the eventual succession of Tim Tebow as Franchise QB, that’s never good for the incumbent and Kansas City bring up the rear again.

AFC Playoff Order

1. Indianapolis
2. New England
3. Baltimore
4. San Diego
5. Cincinnati (Wild Card)
6. Houston (Wild Card)

NFC Title Game
Green Bay vs New Orleans

AFC Title Game
Cincinnati vs Baltimore

Super Bowl Participants
Green Bay vs Cincinnati

Super Bowl Winner
Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers

NFL Offensive Player of the Year
Aaron Rodgers

Defensive Player of the Year
Patrick Willis

Offensive Rookie of the Year
CJ Spiller

Defensive Rookie of the Year
Rolando McClain

Coach of the Year
Gary Kubiak

Comeback Player of the Year
Michael Turner

Redskins Open Camp, John Wall Dazzles, as does Strasburg

Hello everyone,

I have been asked recently why I havent blogged recently, I honestly can’t give them an honest reply so for that I do apologize, but I have time right now so I am going to dabble into a bunch of topics that intrigue me in the Sports world today.

First and foremost, our Washington Redskins opened 2010 Training Camp today and all everyone can talk about is that Albert Haynesworth failed his “conditioning test’. Am I the only one that doesn’t really give a sh*t? I mean really…at this point all I care about is this:

1. Is he gonna be on the roster?
2. If so, will he be in shape by Game 1 vs Dallas

Besides that, why are we wasting time on this? I think we all know why…because its the Redskins and this brings ratings. We have so many other stories to talk about for the next 6 weeks such as a NEW coach in Mike Shanahan along with another new staff, brand new QB in Donovan McNabb (who automatically becomes the best QB the Skins have had since Joe Theismann…if you don’t believe me, just look it up), and FINALLY some competition battles in a variety of different positions such as RB, TE, WR, OL, and S just to name a few. Its gonna be nice to finally see some meaningful preseason games for a change. One thing I never fully grasped as a Skins fan is that if a team sucks (and we have in the grander scheme of things for almost 20 years), how come there are never any position battles in camp? I mean going into last year, there were NO battles for any starting positions except for Safety and the only reason it was a battle there was because of the untimely passing of Sean Taylor. Every other position was stamped Day 1 of Training Camp. HUH?!?!?! How does that type of thinking even make sense?? That type of culture just breeds complacency and our record last year certainly demonstrated that fact. I can not wait to see how new Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett finds new ways to maximize 2nd year pro Brian Orakpo’s full potential. Another double-digit sack season seems like a great goal to strive for. Stay tuned Skins fans…it should be a fun ride this year.

Now, on to our Washington Wizards. They completed a pretty successful Summer League stint in Las Vegas with a 4-1 record but nevermind that, everyone wanted to know what would Wunderkind Point Guard John Wall bring to the table. What he brought is what people have been enamored about for 3 years it seems, supreme athleticism, leadership, and a feel of the game just like a point guard. He is obviously a work in progress (turnovers, jump shot etc) but he showed that he has definitely improved his midrange game and his on the ball defense.

He also seemed to have a great rapport with C Javale McGee, who with his excellent Summer League performance actually earned a spot to try out for the USA World Championships team (he was eventually cut earlier this week). Trevor Booker is going to bring what he has always showed, that toughness and grit that Wizards teams have lacked since Ben Wallace (shout out to all my BULLETS fans LOL). I liked what Cartier Martin and Lester Hudson also brought to the table and I think they should both receive an invite to training camp in October. Hell I think one or possibly both players could win a job on the team if they dedicate themselves to playing tough perimeter defense.

Also during this offseason the Wizards have picked up veteran combo guard Kirk Hinrich, former lottery pick Yi Jianlian, veteran big man (albeit a disappointment) Hilton Armstrong and just resigned Josh Howard for 1 more season coming off ACL surgery. The Wizards have about 5 million or so of cap room remaining so they may try to pick up a veteran big man for the cheap or just save the space for next season, either way this team should at least be exciting next season even though the wins wont come in bunches just yet.

Speaking of the Wizards, and being as though I have attended approx. 100+ games in the past decade at the Verizon Center, I was f*ckin APPAULED about the ESPN Outside The Lines report of the failing grade The Phone Booth received in its review. Now granted, it IS Chinatown and yea, its gonna be SOME poor reviews, I get that…but 100% of vendors having some sort of MAJOR violations is f*ckin retarded IM SORRY! Ted Leonsis has his work cut out for him cleaning this mess up, but in his defense, it’s not HIS doing and with his track record, I expect things to be corrected swiftly.

Lastly, Stephen Strasburg….I mean, what more can I say that hasn’t been said already?

He has been better than advertised if that’s possible with a 5-2 Record, 2.32 ERA , 75 K’s and only 15 walks. That my friends, in one word, is DOMINANCE. He should really be 7-1 which makes it all the more impressive because the Nats bats havent given him much run support in his starts. Unfortunately, he was just placed on the DL for precautionary reasons due to inflammation and a stiff right shoulder. Cause for concern? I don’t think so, people have to realize this is a kid that is doing something that most human body’s just aren’t trained to do. Being sore is apart of the process, now if this becomes a problem in later years YES be concerned, but right now, lets not make a big deal out of this, we want this guy here for 10 years and not just 10 starts.

See you guys soon….thanks for reading!

McNabb a Redskin??? Stay tuned

1st things 1st…Thanks for being patient with me.

Secondly….before I comment about the actual trade, I will say this…Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan have CLEARLY made it know that NO JOB IS SAFE and being a fan of a team that has perennially been an underachiever, no job SHOULD be safe.

Now, I liked Jason as a man and a little as a player but, in the end, he was the starting QB of 4-12 team, regardless of it being his fault or not, facts are facts and I believe the Shanahan’s (Offensive coordinator Kyle as well) have done their due diligence by making this move. When Mike Shanahan came in, one of the main quotes I took from from his introductory press conference was that he would review EVERY throw Jason made not just this season, but his whole career. That to me shows proper NFL Head Coach Due Diligence. If he doesn’t believe that Campbell could become the starter this franchise needs to be, then so be it…this team was 4-12!!!!

One thing that irked the sh*t out of me the past 2 seasons, is that going into both training camps, there were basically NO competitions for jobs….how the HELL can a team of underachievers just be handed jobs so easily?!?! These moves so far this offseason (Larry Johnson, Willie Parker, Rex Grossman, Donovan McNabb) have pretty much told the “status quo” that you will be shipped OUT OF HERE if your not prepared to play and win ballgames.

Third, if your the Eagles, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU TRADE INTO YOUR DIVISION….I would never do such a thing, but this is a business so I guess things like this do happen from time to time….I for one cannot fathom ever trading a GREAT player for my franchise to the Eagles/Cowboys/Giants….alas, thats not our problem!

Stay tuned for more updates….GO SKINS!!!!