We liked that…but TALENT matters



Good season fellas.

I am proud of what the team accomplished this season.

But at the end of the day, talent matters.

Today in the NFC Wild Card matchup between my Skins and the Green Bay Packers, I watched a top tier QB do what top tier QB’s are PAID to do, beat an inferior product and make winning plays when it mattered.

Was that a product of a defense that didn’t bring their best effort today? Sure…but in the playoffs, even the BEST QBs are humbled by the bright lights and better teams.  Hall of Famers such as Peyton Manning have a losing playoff record.

The reason I bring this up, is the inevitable new contract that the Redskins now have to pay Kirk Cousins to remain our starter.  Don’t get ANY of what I’m about to say twisted, because HE earned the job, HE earned the new deal he’s about to receive, just look at it from the larger point of view and not as a Skins fan for a moment.

Kirk’s new deal will pay him probably around the 16-17 million dollar area.  I call that area the 2nd Tier QB Area…the Carson Palmers/ Matt Staffords/Tony Romos/Jay Cutlers of the world.  A couple of those guys that fit in that criteria have singlehandedly had to win ballgames for their teams, have had to use their singular talent to force results whether good/bad or indifferent, that is what’s expected once you reach that level on the pay scale.

With Kirk, as GREAT as he was the last 8 games of the season (and he was just that again, don’t get it twisted), he will never have a extended run of great quarterbacking as he had in these last 8 games.  Why? Because he just isn’t talented enough.  And that’s not a knock for him, 99% of the QBs that have ever played the game have had a run like that.  He will probably regress to the mean of the other Tier-type QBs because that’s what he is.  He CAN improve alot of things in his game, and he probably will, but honestly, he needs upper echelon talent around him (Jordan Reed, Desean Jackson etc) for his maximum effectiveness.

Just look at the QB’s that he will be grouped with once he signs his new deal:

Matt Ryan

Joe Flacco

Ryan Tannehill

Jay Cutler

Tony Romo

Matt Stafford

Alex Smith

Carson Plamer

Andy Dalton

Sam Bradford


A funky mix huh?

Going into next season, is Kirk as talented as these guys? Some yes, some no…

To me, this was one of the basis of the whole Robert Griffin issue.  In the new NFL, you need a Top Tier QB to win meaningful ballgames.  Top Tier guys are the most talented.  Talent sometimes wins games that you just aren’t supposed to win.  Talent makes plays most players just cant make.


All season, I’ve compared this season Kirk has had to the season Ryan Fitzpatrick had in Buffalo which was so great that they thought it was time to sign him to a massive extension WHILE that said season was still in session.  We all know how that turned out because he is now a NY Jet.


Fitzpatrick is a starting NFL QB…but when it was time to boogie in Week 16 vs Buffalo to make the playoffs, he threw 3 INTs in the 4th quarter when it mattered.  A more talented guy maybe doesn’t do that,  hell I dunno.  But in those pressure packed moments, its usually par for the course for the least talented QB to make crucial errors.

Obviously we need help and continuity in all phases, Kirk DEFINITELY needs a run game and I think with our new front office hierarchy, it looks like we have the start of putting the correct pieces in place for Kirk to grow and develop, I just hope Skins fans aren’t expecting him to produce top tier fireworks when he may just be the box of sprinklers you give your kids on the 4th of July.




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