I hate sports.

“I hate sports.” – via text from my friend Jake @_JakeRussell

This text came about 20 minutes after two of the most heartbreaking losses a fan could take, within a 20 minute period. The Wizards lose a heartbreaker to Atlanta in game 5 82-81 on a tip-in by Al Horford with 1.9 seconds remaining THEN as that unfolded, OT in Game 7 between the Caps and Rangers began.  And as has many a Capitals 3-1 series lead withered away, like clockwork….DAGGER…a humiliating defeat.

YET…I do not feel the same pain as my friend Jake.

Nights like this is one of the reasons I LOVE sports!

Sounds funny saying that, but its true.  I sat with 4 of my homies and we watched OUR teams play together in classic postseason matchups in May…1st time ever….I’m glad for that….

The sting sucks…and will suck for a long time…but the Wiz have a game Friday…I’ll be ready…cuz I love this shit!



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