Gilbert Arenas….

"For the Good Times...."

I know it had to be done….I know that after the Gun Incident that this day was coming.  It happened, I understand WHY…doesnt mean I am happy with it.  I guess for the future for the franchise its a good thing woo woo woo but f*ck that! Right now, TODAY, the best basketball player that has ever  laced it up for the Bullets/Wizards franchise  in over 30 years is finally an Ex-Wizard.  The move makes me feel bad in my stomach, because the outsiders only see what’s good for the basketball team (and honestly, that’s the #1 goal) BUT being a Lifetime Washingtonian, and more importantly a lifetime INNER CITY Washingtonian, this cuts deep, man.

Being a lifelong fan of Washington sports teams, its like a bad relationship.  You stay around, through all of the good (very little) and all of the bad (LOTS of it) for awesome fan moments…and for my sake, NO one player brought as many awesome fan moments for any of our franchises than Gilbert Arenas did before the unfortunate circumstances of injuries and stupidity (the gun charge) but I’m not going to dwell on that.  I’m only going to dwell on the good times and there were plenty.

As we watch tonight’s game (I’m typing this as I watch the pregame show) your going to see more than half of the Verizon Center cheer for the opposing Miami Heat. Do I blame them? ABSOLUTELY NOT because this franchise has not given the fans a reason to cheer. At one point Gilbert DID THAT for us. Sold out crowds and genuine excitement throughout the city…there was actually a point where you could HONESTLY put Gilbert and his stats/clutch play alongside with the Kobe’s, DWade’s and LeBron’s of the world and it wasn’t looked down upon as just being fans. Gilbert SINGLEHANDEDLY resurrected “Clippers East” into Must-See-TV. The term DAGGER by Steve Buckhantz was made popular BECAUSE of Gil!

Back to the Inner City Fan aspect for a moment, I am a PROUD product of SE Washington DC. Being that I tend to see things a little differently than most fans/media etc…a different POV.  Ive sat on the sidelines of Barry Farms basketball courts of the Goodman League every summer and have seen the best of the best ball in “The Gates” and there was no one player that drew as much excitement/cheers than Mr Arenas.  Ive seen that man come down “The Gates” alone, while there are people from this town scared to step FOOT in, he would come down, sign EVERY autograph, pose for EVERY picture, give out hundreds of free tennis shoes/jerseys/toys for the underprivileged youth without fanfare.  The only time you saw major media down there was to see him AFTER he was injured.  The same man also took in a young man into his home as an adopted son when the boy lost his whole family in a fire.  A man who gave his money to schools throughout the area with his “Gilbert Scores for Schools” initiative plus COUNTLESS of other ventures that go unreported….and its all gone to the waste side because all people want to remember is the gun incident, and that is so sad to me. He did so much MORE and SHOULD be acknowledged for such.

Personally and selfishly, I wanted him to stay a Wizard and a WASHINGTONIAN because I wanted him to redeem himself ala Michael Vick.  He deserves his 2nd chance, he’s going to get it now in Orlando with a chance to REALLY compete for the NBA Title so I’m happy for that. He was once the most beloved sports figure here since Joe Gibbs….in hindsight, the Redskins WISH they had an athlete that could connect with the fans the way Gilbert did with us, that’s probably why there is a slight discord with the Team in Ashburn.  For all the faults, people always LIKED Gil and somehow could see through all of it and see a genuinely nice guy…I’ll miss you Gil and I’m not the only one who will either!



The Redskins and the “Mean Ol’ Parent”

Honestly, as a Skins fan thats a realist more than anything, having 5 wins with this inept roster, I would have been happy with “progress” in “changing the culture” (Key word…..remember them).  BUT after this Donovan McNabb debacle (and thats exactly what is is as of Friday December 17th, 2010), this season has been a failure at epic levels because of one major thing, the lack of genuine respect given, not to just McNabb, but because of the constant flakiness towards a bevy of situations.  People may not agree with me here but Mike Shanahan has treated this team and its fan base on a smaller scale, like a mean parent.  The type of parent that says “Its my way or the highway” with no room for flexibility.  Maybe in the grander scheme that its a good thing, and we will eventually find out but for TODAY, its become a sad, sad commentary of 2 decades of foolery us fans have had to endure and maybe thats what he doesnt realize.

As a parent of a 2 1/2 year old female bundle of joy, I have had my missteps. Ive had to apologize to her for  admonishing her without hearing the whole story. That happens…..which goes back to why I think this is such a debacle, there is nothing WRONG with admitting fault Mr Shanahan!  If you messed up and gave up a 2nd round pick for a Qb that doesnt work for you, FINE….just admit it.  Just admit YOU’VE been apart of the problem because if we eventually turn this mess around, your damn sure going to take praise for being apart of the solution.

Any normal person with a brain realizes McNabb hasnt been great this season, hell this has been his worst season in his career.  But the open disrespect shown to him by the staff could have been handled so much better PUBLICLY.  If you wanted to bench him, just do it, say it and move on.  Shanahan has done a poor job dealing with this team in all fronts.  The Devin Thomas debacle (even though he sucks, just cut the man instead of going through the unnecessary crap), the implementation of this 3-4 defense with NO flexibility to TRY to get something out of your best talent (Albert Haynesworth), and lastly, the Albert Haynesworth saga.  I was one of the people to not totally bash Albert for this and I’m sure because of whats transpired these last couple of days have people looking back on the Haynesworth Saga a tad bit differently.  Again, the Mean Ol Parent comes to the light “You cross me, you’ll never win my love back, EVER!!”

Out of the 13 games played, the RB position started a player who wasn’t even ON an NFL roster last season 8 times, the starting WR on the opposite side of Santana Moss had a combined 7 catches last season (Joey Galloway with a whopping 7, Anthony Armstrong with 0).  How in the HELL do you expect supreme greatness with such a whopping lack of talent?!?! They say there is now “accountability” in Ashburn for these players on this roster and some of these moves have shown that to be the case, but where is the accountability of these coaches?  The 1st step in recovery is admitting a problem….. Shana-rat!