McNabb a Redskin??? Stay tuned

1st things 1st…Thanks for being patient with me.

Secondly….before I comment about the actual trade, I will say this…Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan have CLEARLY made it know that NO JOB IS SAFE and being a fan of a team that has perennially been an underachiever, no job SHOULD be safe.

Now, I liked Jason as a man and a little as a player but, in the end, he was the starting QB of 4-12 team, regardless of it being his fault or not, facts are facts and I believe the Shanahan’s (Offensive coordinator Kyle as well) have done their due diligence by making this move. When Mike Shanahan came in, one of the main quotes I took from from his introductory press conference was that he would review EVERY throw Jason made not just this season, but his whole career. That to me shows proper NFL Head Coach Due Diligence. If he doesn’t believe that Campbell could become the starter this franchise needs to be, then so be it…this team was 4-12!!!!

One thing that irked the sh*t out of me the past 2 seasons, is that going into both training camps, there were basically NO competitions for jobs….how the HELL can a team of underachievers just be handed jobs so easily?!?! These moves so far this offseason (Larry Johnson, Willie Parker, Rex Grossman, Donovan McNabb) have pretty much told the “status quo” that you will be shipped OUT OF HERE if your not prepared to play and win ballgames.

Third, if your the Eagles, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU TRADE INTO YOUR DIVISION….I would never do such a thing, but this is a business so I guess things like this do happen from time to time….I for one cannot fathom ever trading a GREAT player for my franchise to the Eagles/Cowboys/Giants….alas, thats not our problem!

Stay tuned for more updates….GO SKINS!!!!