Back from hiatus….Just in time for March Madness

Hello everyone…..

I know, I know…I’ve been loafing BIG TIME on this blog…and I do apologize….hell the last post I made was about how much OPTIMISM I had for the upcoming Washington Wizards season….and boy was I wrong in hindsight LOL. Anyhoo, I am back and I want to just mention a couple of bullet points before I start my usual blog postings again.


2. Congrats to Grevis Vasquez for winning ACC POY…WELL deserved!

3. Evan Turner…..can flat out do it…and he should be National Player of the Year

4. The Washington Capitals are the best team in Hockey…hope it translates in April/May

5. If the Wizards didnt have bad luck, they wouldnt have none at all….

6. LOVE the new approach the Washington Redskins have taken in this years Free Agency Period.

7. Stephen Strausburg…..nuff said.

I will be back shortly with my College Bball Roundup/Tourney Preview, Capitals Report, 2010 Washington Nationals Season Preview and other topics.

Take care everyone….