The Death of Abe Pollin and the State of the Wizards

The Washington Area lost one of the pillars of the community last week with the death of Washington Wizards Owner Abe Pollin of a degenerative brain condition. He is survived by his wife Irene and celebrated by not just fans of the Wizards/Bullets franchise, but fans of the Washington Capitals, who he founded in 1974 then sold to AOL Executive Ted Leonsis, but also all of the good people of this Metro Area that were genuinely touched either by his philanthropic efforts, or even had a chance to work for/with him. From all Ive heard from numerous people, he was a great man with an even greater heart and he will be sorely missed.

Searching for Answers Perhaps....

Now, his beloved Wizards have started the season very poorly which isnt out of the norm, what IS out of the norm is the below average play from 2 of its Big 3. Caron Butler and Gilbert Arenas NEED to be playing at optimal level for this team to succeed and right now, that is not occurring. Gil has been out for 2 years with that knee so to expect him to be “Gil of 2006” isnt fair, but being paid the way he is, he will take a brunt of the criticism. He must cut down his turnover and once his legs/handle returns to normal, I really dont have to worry about what he can contribute on that court. Caron on the other hand seems to look lost. Where is the Tough Juice that we all came to love? Remember how hard he used to attack the basket? It seems like since he’s developed a jumpshot, his one-on-one game has severely slipped with lots of turnovers and charge calls. If we can EVER get THAT Tough Juice back, we should be fine. The NBA did not give the Wizards any favors in scheduling and having so many injuries early on didnt help. Once Mike Miller returns in a couple of weeks, by the All Star break, this team could be the type of team that can make a solid 7-8 game run and get right back into the race for a middle playoff seed.