The Washington Redskins “A team at a Crossroads”

   Its September 28th, 8:30 PM….but to most Redskins fans, they would rather this be December 28th and concluding what is transpiring into a retched season amongst the usual high expectations for this team.  Now I will not say that this franchise lost the biggest game in recent team history (I tend to think about games such as last season vs the Bengals, the Troy Hambrick game vs Dallas years back, the Oakland game at home in 2005 or even the Buffalo game after Sean Taylor’s passing in 2007), BUT in the Court of Public Opinion, oh yes, this was THE WORST.


  Honestly, If this season is gonna be played half-ass and with ZERO emotion and pride, Id just rather this team just implode (as they are doing slowly) and endure a 3-13 season.  Hell, I’d got through TWO 3-13 seasons if it meant for this team to finally take care of the ultimate problem in this franchise, and that is the lack of a capable front office to successfully field  AT LEAST a playoff caliber team.  Since Vinny Cerrato has been the head man in charge of the front office, this team has made blunder after blunder while the owner, Daniel Snyder has opened his checkbook to NUMEROUS players.  Granted, the effort of yesterday does NOT take the 53-man roster off the hook for that performance, BUT the end result of yesterday’s debacle was not an aberration of its just being “one game” or the Skins “taking the Lions lightly”.  WE ARE NO BETTER THAN THE LIONS and until this franchise 1st humbles itself and realize that they have proven NOTHING in this league but being underachievers, then maybe some process will be made.


  Honestly, and sadly, I dont think anything will happen except the eventual firing of Coach Zorn, even though I believe he is now over his head at this very stressful job.  He came to be the Offensive Coordinator but came out of it as the Head Coach….like how does that happen? Have you EVER in team sports, seen a team conduct true business in such a manner? If your Zorn, you take that job in a HEARTBEAT!!!!  There are assistant coaches that are either too old (Joe Bugel/Greg Blatche who I will touch on in a moment) or just not very good….who is Sherman Smith and what does he actually do?  Its just been a sad, sad, pathetic joke of an NFL franchise and it pains me to even type this because I BLEED Burgundy and Gold but sometimes the truth hurts.


  On the subject of coaches, Greg Blatche’s name seems to never roll off the tongues of the fans wrath but it SHOULD because HIS unit is supposed to be the glue to hold this team together until the offense completely gels.  His defense gave up 4 drives of over 80+ yards against a Rookie QB (who is going to be a pretty good one I believe) including a damn 99 yarder! TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!! Its totally unacceptable for this team to continue to not get a consistent pass rush besides “the new guys’” in Fat Alber and Brian Orakpo.  The same ole retread bums Andre Carter, Cornileus Griffin, Phillip Daniels, Kendrick Goldston have proven to be a waste on this team, it becomes a point where you just have to cut your losses.  Those guys just simply cant get it done without help, and Blatche and these bland defenses are just not helping the cause.  Why is Orakpo even playing LB when he should just concentrate on being the passrusher he can become??? Where are the exotic blitz schemes we used to see under Gregg Williams??  Why is Laron Landry playing 30 yards off the ball??? Why are the DBs playing 10 yards off their man on 3rd downs???  These questions obviously go unanswered BUT if you listen to the man on ComcastSportsNight….he doesnt remember the 99 play drive, but he DOES remember the 2 penalties on that drive.  Way to throw your team under the bus, Coach.  He needs to take a BIG brunt of this mess right now.  We all know the players can improve but DAMNIT put them in positions to DO SOMETHING if that isnt working!!!


  The Offense is a continued mess, and it starts with the playcalling of Jim Zorn.  Zorn actually let the media infiltrate his play calling by going for it on 4th and 1 on the 1st series.  Im not too pissed about that because any good team SHOULD be able to get 1 yard when they need it….but were not a good team right….???  Also, in a game where the Lions only scored 19 points, why in the blue hell does Clinton Portis only end up with 12 carries.  I dont wanna hear any excuses because this man was a 1400 yard back last season, you mean to tell us, the knowledgeable fan that our best chance of staying competitive is playing Ladell Betts and letting Jason’s ARM beat us???  That’s just OVER coaching IMO. 


  The team that started 6-2 last season actually had an identity, a smashmouth unit with Clinton leading the way….this year, its a mumbled mess.  Zorn is slowly losing his players (who WILL quit on him, Im a Skins fan and Ive seen our players quit on a coach more than once), and right now, the Fan Base is livid and with all of the bad press this team has received so far in the past month, The Danny should be very very concerned and look to the man at his immediate left for the 1st Change We Can Believe In.


“We are what we thought they were!”

Being a Washington Redskins fan isnt easy.  You are told throughout the offseason that your team is a Super Bowl contender and make moves as such.  That itself isnt the hard part, the truly hard part is watching a team year after year, just play “average” and because of that fact, they are never bad enough to totally dismantle the team and will ALWAYS believe that they are just a player or two away from truly competing.

That way of thinking has been the basis of our malaise as fans.  The Front Office seems to think that making that one major move (some moves wind up being good moves, others don’t…but that is the Free Agency game and I’m not mad that the team spends money to compete) is the key to taking us to that next level.  But the main reasons that we cannot raise to that next level are self inflicted wounds.

If anyone watched the lethargic, pathetic offensive performances the 1st 2 weeks of the season, we have actually moved the ball down the field on both the Giants and the Rams.  But as ALWAYS with this team, the team either a) drops a key pass (2 tds vs the Rams) b) commit a huge penalty or c) become stagnant by play calling inside the Redzone (20 yard line to the endzone).  The last reason is really bugging me right now because Jason Campbell is under a microscope, but whoever is calling the plays whether its Coach Jim Zorn or Offensive Coordinator Sherman Smith, have not showed enough confidence in the QB to at least give him a CHANCE to fail.


After 30+ starts, one thing Jason Campbell HAS showed everyone is that he just doesn’t throw interceptions, and that’s a GREAT attribute for a QB.  So why not give him a CHANCE to make a play in the redzone because even if he holds the ball too long, he can eat the sack.  He hasn’t showed anyone that he will make the poor decisions and throw stupid interceptions so why would you COACH like that has occurred before?  Its time for Jim Zorn to let Jason dig his own grave…If he is gonna fail, let that man go down guns a blazing.  If not, Jason AND Jim will be gone and we as fans are only going to sit around and say amongst ourselves during ANOTHER QB search “What if Jim Zorn let Jason open it up?”  Why is Coach Zorn limiting himself?  Why hasn’t Malcolm Kelly or Fred Davis been used ONCE in the redzone??? Why hasn’t there even been a spread set up so you could possible give Portis the quick handoff up the middle??  WHY?????  It baffles me and a lot of other Redskins fans across this area.  Hopefully next week, I’ll feel a whole lot better about my team.


Across the NFL, there have been other “Denny Green” moments but none greater than Drew Brees and the Madden-esque numbers he has put up in the 1st 2 games. NINE TOUCHDOWNS IN TWO GAMES….just outstanding….


Also, the acquisition of Tony Gonzales for the Atlanta Falcons has paid immediate benefits as him and 2008 Rookie of the Year Matt Ryan have seemed to develop a quick repoire with one another, which adds to a nice young offensive unit.


Ray Rice and the sudden offensive juggernaut in Baltimore…my goodness the 2nd year RB from Rutgers has certainly made his mark and added his name to the rotation of RBs on that roster that already included Pro Bowl FB Leron McClaine and Willis McGahee.  He adds a special spark for the “3 headed Monster” they now can deploy on any unsuspecting defense. 


I have other subjects I’m going to divulge into later on this week so please check me out later in the week.


RIP #21……